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Why go Kosher certification?

Why go Kosher certification?

As more than 80% of today’s food products are processed, consumers who care about the origin of the food’s ingredients and the methods of its production are in great need of a reliable kosher certification. There are in fact millions of consumers who give the utmost importance to Kashruth, and while it may come to some as a surprise, Jews are only a fraction of the kosher market. Muslims buy kosher, people with dietary restrictions buy kosher, and lately, anyone who is attracted to the promise of higher quality food from a reputable source buys kosher.

The kosher market, which already is a multi-billion euro business, has an average growth rate of 12% annually and your business can make money by partnering with SIKS. More and more consumers are looking specifically for the SIKS trademark of trust, a kosher certification that ensures that the investigation of the ingredients and the production process has been thoroughly carried out by professionals. With the utmost care and patience, SIKS experts visit processing plants, work hand in hand with food manufacturers and trace ingredients all way back to the field.

Go SIKS Kosher!

A SIKS Kosher Certificate is highly appealing to consumers worldwide:

  • The SIKS symbol, highly identifiable to consumers worldwide for more than two decades, ensures the highest standards of kosher certification
  • The SIKS symbol enhances your products in the global sphere
  • The SIKS symbol appeals to all kosher-food consumers
  • The SIKS symbol instantly raises the perception of your food’s quality
  • The SIKS symbol sells your product faster than competing products
  • The SIKS symbol gets better shelf space for your products
  • The SIKS kosher certification is approved by the FDA

SIKS’ kosher certificate is a crucial marketing device that can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Find out how your company can use the world-famous SIKS name to its advantage, and start Making Money with SIKS!

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