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Partner with SIKS

Partner with SIKS

SIKS provides affordable, internationally accepted Kosher Certification, and is committed to the highest quality of customer attention for more than two decades. We intend to offer you the same service our world-famous clients have been enjoying for years.

Why should you join forces with SIKS?

  • SIKS has the highest accepted standards of kosher certification worldwide, for over 20 years
  • SIKS increases awareness, marketability and profitability of your food products globally
  • SIKS provides advanced recommendations and innovative methods for ‘correct’ food production
  • SIKS provides quick and efficient customer service and attention to each and every detail
  • SIKS believes in full transparency, is devoted to straightforward business practices and demonstrates a high level of discretion regarding personal business affairs

In today’s constantly growing kosher-food market, it’s important to be backed by the best in the business. There is a superb opportunity today for food manufacturers to take a healthy bite out of a 570 billion dollar market, a market that is experiencing an annual growth of 12%! Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, vegans and in fact anyone who is attracted to the promise of higher quality food from a reputable source will be looking for a trustworthy kosher approval. The SIKS symbol is highly identifiable to consumers around the world and can give your private business label a huge increase in brand awareness and boost sales like never before.

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