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Make Money with SIKS

Make Money with SIKS
The kosher food market is exploding, but it's not because everyone has decided to become Jewish. While different motivations drive different markets, the general direction is kosher for so many people. Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, vegans and in fact anyone who is attracted to the promise of higher quality food from a reputable source, are all part of the 15% annual growth of kosher-food consumers.
In today’s 570 billion dollar kosher market, driven by religious dietary laws together with healthier eating habits, your company has the chance to increase its reach and boost sales simply by adding the right kosher approval.

SIKS can help your business thrive!
SIKS has 20 years of accumulated knowledge to ensure the highest standards of kosher certification. The SIKS symbol on your products is the most effective marketing tool in the business, and will quickly help you gain the competitive edge you’re after.

With the SIKS kosher certification, your products will make their way into millions of households in the U.S, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia. SIKS stand for quality, and quality sells.

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