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Clienti raccomandati

Clienti raccomandati
Our certification approx (including the Kosher ones) is to build a strong system of sound guarantees that ensures customers in the reliability and safety of products. In this view, SIKS Kosher certification represent the ideal partner for our company!

Paolo Milani
Quality Assurance Manager
Icam s.p.a.

Clienti raccomandati
Dear Sirs,
We are very pleased to have kosher certification done by siks . We have now been Certified for about 15 years and have an excellent, long-term relationship wish the Company.
Over the years, we have received useful and helpful suggestions from siks on Production, quality and packaging aspects which we have implemented wite positive Outcomes.
Their symbol is widely recognized amongst Jewish communities and we have Had the opportunity to receive the approval and gratitude of Jews living as far afield as Japan.
The working relationships we have wish siks is also extremely pleasant and we are Certainly glad to have team as our certifiers.

Clienti raccomandati
For much time we have been followed by Siks organisation for the certification of our sugared and chocolate products. During these years we had the possibility to appreciate reliability and nicety of its co-workers, who always showed also availability and kindness.
It has to be mentioned the easiness to contact and communicate with its operators.
Thanks to Silks we have built business relationships with suppliers of Kosher certificated- raw materials.

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