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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Who consumes kosher products?
The kosher market, which already is a multi-billion dollar business, has an average growth rate of 12% annually. Jews, Muslims, vegetarians, vegans and anyone who is attracted to the promise of higher quality food from a reputable source – consumes kosher.

How does a SIKS kosher certificate help my products reach a global audience?
Since the SIKS kosher certification is world renowned for more than two decades, your products will be easily identifiable by the consumer. The known, high standards of the SIKS kosher certification raise the perception of the food’s quality and increase its marketability worldwide.

How can I qualify for a SIKS kosher certification?
To receive a SIKS kosher certification you must make your food products, their ingredients and all additional raw materials that are part of the production process – available for inspection. Read more about the certification process, here.

How long until I receive the actual kosher certification?
The SIKS kosher certification can be a quick and efficient process. It depends mainly on your availability and the time it will take you to ‘correct’ your products once we have reviewed their ingredients and manufacturing process.

How long is the SIKS kosher certificate valid for?
From the time you receive confirmation, the SIKS kosher certificate is valid for one year. The certificate is sent in a number of different formats, email included.

Does the kosher certification process improve the quality of the food?
Due to the stringent supervision of both the ingredients and the whole production process, the quality of your food is greatly enhanced.

Does the kosher certification process have an effect on the food’s taste?
It may cause you to change some of the ingredients, but in no way will the taste of your food products be compromised. In the event of ingredient replacement, SIKS recommends available kosher replacements, giving clients the option to choose the one that best suits their needs. Contact us today for a SIKS kosher certification!

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