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About SIKS kosher certification

About SIKS kosher certification

The increasing demand for kosher food products around the globe is having a tremendous effect on the food industry, and more and more respected companies are turning to SIKS for kosher certification. As we continue to be committed to the highest quality of customer service, ethical business practices and uncompromising integrity, world famous brands such as Divella, Colavita, Moellhausen and Bolero are proud to be under our very own SIKS kosher certification. SIKS’ superior reputation and its guarantee to provide affordable and internationally acceptable kosher certification have made it one of the world’s most sought after kosher symbols.

The success of SIKS over the past two decades is proof that leading global changes and attracting the most well know household names is solely due to the quality of a business. With few, yet highly qualified individuals in offices in Italy and in Israel, SIKS will continue to have a wide effect on the marketplace, offering food manufacturers worldwide the most trusted kosher approval.

Year after year, SIKS regularly attends major international food and beverage trade fairs such as Anuga, SIAL, The NASFT Fancy Food Show and Cibus. Considered the “Summit meetings” of the sector, SIKS considers these to be ideal venues for keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining close relationships with those involved in the food industry.

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